I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why Adoption?

We've been asked this question a couple of times. Here are my reasons for adoption. When Jay and I were first married, I had a colleague who was going through infertility treatments. I watched as the drugs took over her body, how she turned into a different person and how her relationship with her husband suffered. I remember coming home from work one day and telling Jay that I never wanted to go through that. We said at the time that if we ever had problems conceiving we would adopt.

Fast forward 10 years. We were now having problems conceiving. My gynecologist wanted me to track my basal body temp and ovulation for two months and then come in for further testing. She said that she would probably start me on a low dose of medicine and have Jay tested. I plotted and charted for the two months, but I never made the follow up appointment. One day I asked Jay how far we would go with the treatments. How far would be enough or too much?

We decided to not pursue any infertility treatments, but to look into adoption more seriously. That was Christmas last year.

I can't begin to explain the weight that lifted off of my shoulders. I know that this was God's plan for us all along. I don't know exactly why yet, but it will come with time. I'm at complete peace with our decision, and we haven't looked back. I'm so glad that there are options like adoption available to couples like us. I'm so grateful to all of the birthmoms around the world who have made what has to be the most difficult decision of their lives.

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