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Sunday, July 30, 2006

On Vacation

Ok - maybe not a real vacation. I'm vacationing in downtown Louisville. (for those of you who don't know - that's about 30 miles from our house)

Jay goes to various conferences throughout the summer. I usually go to one of them with him and we turn it into a mini-vacation.

One year we went to San Francisco and then rented a car, drove to Reno through wine country and spent a few days in Reno/Lake Tahoe. One year it was in Little Rock. We just drove there and saw parts of the country between Kentucky and Arkansas. Last year, we went to a conference in Mobile, and then drove to Biloxi and spent a long weekend. (this was about 3 weeks before Hurricane Katrina - the entire area where we stayed was leveled)

This year, the conference is in Louisville. We are staying downtown. I decided I'd rather do that than have to drive to home and back each day. Monday and Tuesday I'll get to sleep in and then just walk to work. It's a little weird to be "on vacation" in your home town, but so far so good.

I tell you - I haven't been to lots of these conferences, but the Kentucky folks have done a great job. This is an amazing conference, the next year's hosts will have a hard time toping this.

No updates this past week. Alex should be going in for his 3 month appointment this week. Hopefully we will get some pictures.

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Sophie's mommy said...

Hey Kim: I am reading your blog. It looks like we both went through a Helping Hand. I talk to Maria the coord. all the time today to be exact. Write me we should try to get together. How cool is this we are used the same agency. Are you going to the picinic. This will be are third one. Sophie's second. You will have a great time. We have really good friends that live close to E. Town with two little ones. My work e-mail is PAULA@toysrus.com Can't wait to talk to you.
lol Autumn