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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Great Saturday

It just keeps getting better!!

The Ohio State University won again. (not pretty - and they better get their act together, or it may be a long Big 10 season)

Michigan lost AGAIN!!! Now, Oregon is definitely a better football team, but really. Lloyd Carr better start packing now!!!

Notre Dame lost - (sorry Jeff and Amada) And to a Big 10 school. (Penn State)

Alex got his haircut yesterday. This time we took him to Jay's barber. His hair is SOOOOO short!!! I like it, but he doesn't look like a baby at all. I need to get a good photo of his new do.

Jay and I still aren't 100% health-wise. Luckily Alex is doing well and doesn't seem to have gotten anything we have been dealing with. Mom thinks we need to take Clorox to the entire house. She might be right!! :)


Andrea said...

I absolutely thought about you while we were watching the OR and Michigan game. GREAT game today-only, it sucks because we play OR. I don't think my beloved AZ Wildcats stand a CHANCE against any of the PAC-10 schools this year. Sad, but true.

And Penn State won-year JoPa! :)

I heart college football!

I can't wait to see pics of Alex's new 'do! Hopefully you guys are feeling better soon! Clorox is a wonderful thing!

The McKenzie Crew said...

no pics of the haircut - bummer -

Alleen said...

Can't wait to see his big boy haircut!

I hope you guys shake whatever bug is lingering.

Trace said...

I had to stop by and brag about Penn State since there is that whole rivalry thing. I admit I'm not a big fan of ND and tend to think they are overrated (sort of like Dallas Cowboys), LOL.