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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a Day and a Question

We had a big day today.

It was the Fall Festival for our little town. We went up in the morning just to see what was going on (not much!)

We then went to the Louisville Zoo to meet up with other families in the Latin Family Connection (a group of families that have adopted from Latin America - but most are from Guatemala). It was so nice to see everyone again. I got to see Lori, Robby and Cohen. Let me tell you - this little guy is as adorable as he seems in pictures. He has a smile that is just amazing, and this giggle that just makes you laugh. We also got to see Robyn and Princesa Gabriella Robyn's grandma needs our prayers as she has had a stroke and is still in ICU. We also got to see our friends Riggs and Alica and their two precious kids. It was a beautiful day to be out and about.

We then left there, ran a couple errands on the way home and then got ready to go to Tyler's 9th birthday party. We had a great time - Alex played hard - and it sleeping now!

Here's my question.

Alex is started throwing things: books, toys, sippys, anything he can get his hands on. So, we've been working on not throwing. BUT - we've also been encouraging him to throw the balls he has. This has to be confusing to him. How do we teach him that it's ok to throw balls but not other items? Does anyone have any suggestions?

(and I have pictures, but I'm too lazy and tired to download them tonight!)


Farrah said...

That is hard for them, But just be sure to keep showing him balls and tell him to throw and when he grabs the other things to throw, Just tell him NO and them get a ball and show him (Alex we only throw balls) Just my 2 cents...

Keep balls handy to correct him with!

Soltana said...

I tell Cerah...and Derek...about only throughing the ball. So far Cerah has done ok..... he'll get better. I swear they do it to laugh at us for getting frustrated!:)

Ps I'm going the HAPPY DANCE today .... GO UK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori & Robby said...

Most of the kids I work with do the same thing -- they just have to learn the difference. We practice putting different toys in and out of containers and bags instead of throwing and practice the difference between dropping into a container and throwing. Alex is such a fast learner he will be out of this phase soon!

Krystal said...

Glad to see you post their link, b/c I was looking for Cohen's blog!!!

Sarah said...

Kim! How did I miss you at the zoo? I saw all the others that you mentioned! We need to coordinate our Guatoberfest Caravan!! It will be so much fun!

Sarah and Sophie~bug