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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Back!

Well - I survived. (I was actually back last night - just didn't have time to post)

It wasn't too bad. I ended up working most of the night so it kept my mind off of things. I don't think Alex even noticed. :) He was more excited when his daddy got home last night then when I picked him up from daycare.

I did go shopping at the outlet mall on my way home yesterday. I got some really good deals on clothes for next summer. I LOVE good deals (like polo shirts from Children's Place for $2.00!!)

And, it might be time for Alex to go to Sexual Harassment classes. We went out to eat tonight and as our waitress (who Alex was flirting with the whole night) leaned over our table to refill my water, Alex reached up and patted her breasts!!! I about died!!!! She wasn't bothered by it at all. But, I made Jay leave a good tip. (Oh wait - is that even more offensive????)

Here are some pictures.

Alex is really into wearing Jay's hats right now. He's so funny! They fall down over his face and he will still try to walk around. (and yes, I know that hat is disgusting! This is one of Jay's barn hats and who knows what is on it)

For those of you coming to Guatoberfest - be warned. This next picture is what you will probably see at least once during the weekend. :)

I love this expression - I'm not even sure what he's looking at.

I bought Alex his first pair of tennis shoes at the outlet malls. Of course they light up (which is not why I bought them) After we got home from tumbling today (which by the way he did AWESOME at!!) he wanted his shorts off, but he wouldn't let me take his shoes off. In fact, I tried to take them off a couple of times, and he always brought them back to me to put them back on his feet. I guess he likes them. So, here is my redneck boy - wife beater shirt, diaper and shoes and socks. If that isn't classy, I don't know what is!!!!!

And, I think all boys do this at some point in time. He found my hair clips and insisted that I put it in his hair. His hair is so short, I couldn't get it to stay in, but he still thought it was pretty cool.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Glad that you made it back!!! I am sure that Alex was glad to see his mommy. Great pics!! Keep them coming.

Bekah said...

ha ha. kim, you are cracking me up. leaving the waitress a big tip because alex touched her breasts. hilarious.

Alleen said...

hahahaha! Love those pics, especially the last one!

And yeah, the waitress thing.. hee hee.

nikki said...

Glad to hear your back home!!!
Love the waitress story! Too funny!

Lou said...

HOW FUNNY???? A ladies' man already!!! We're going to have to watch out for the flashing tummy...tell him the rule...if you show that cute tummy be prepared to be covered with kisses from AP's mommy!

Kelli said...

Kaleb loves to have my hair clips in his hair. He also loves chapstick and insists and having it applied several times a day.

Carrie said...

Glad you survived the nights away and they kept you busy and you arrived back safe and sound.

Adorable photos and I LOVE outlet shopping and a good bargain. Nice clothes for under retail! Yeah!

They do get particular about what they want to wear and when.

The hair clip is a riot! He is secure with his identity! Real men wear hair clips!!!!