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Monday, September 03, 2007


Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.
Alex loves to help us "clean" the family room. If we get the dust buster out, he has to help us and usually wants it on.

Here starts the pictures from my hot air balloon ride. Jay took close to 100 pictures, but I won't bore you with all of them!!
My balloon is in the foreground. There was another balloon taking off from our same location.

Here are the balloons getting blown up. (and yes, I do know that pictures sizes changed - I'm too lazy to go back and change it!!)

And yes, I have magically made it into the balloon. Jay was nice enough to not get any pictures of me oh so gracefully getting into the balloon!! :)
The quality of this video isn't the greatest - but you can see me taking off!
Here I come in for the landing. We skimmed right over that pond and landed on the other side. It was really cool.

Alex was a trooper following in the chase vehicle.
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As part of the Louisville Slugger museum tour, you get this little bat. Alex was having fun (egged on by his daddy) hitting things with the bat. This is the best I could get on video. (and yes, my child is walking around in a diaper and shoes - it's a look)

Alex then proceeded to create his first clubhouse. Inside this round toy he put: his blankies, a ball, a book, his little piano and his horse.

He then got in his clubhouse and just sat with his favorite stuff. It was so funny. He didn't want Jay or I coming close to his clubhouse and he just sat in there for the longest time. It made us very happy that two of his favorite things were his horse and his piano!!

Here he is showing off his tumbling skills. (which, by the way, he is actually starting to enjoy. He didn't cry last week and did some of the moves)


The McKenzie Crew said...

I could eat that cutie up:)

Robyn said...

What great pics!! Alex is so adorable!!


Soltana said...

I saw some ballons when we were leaving..flew right over us and scared the crap out of me...th noise when they do the fire thing......im posting pics tonight...

Natalie said...

Thanks for posting pics!

Krystal said...

OK, I'm am sooooo laughing at "the look" comment! I just said today, "When did we become that family who lets their kid run around in a diaper all of the time?" I guess my guy was just missing shoes to complete "the look".

And --- the tumbling skills pics! He looks like he is doing chin ups! Alex will be buff in no time :)

Lori said...

Alex is welcome to come and help us anytime!! What a nice boy!!!

A BALLOON RIDE?!! My dream to do some day!! So cool!!! I"m sooooooooo jealous!!

nikki said...

What a good little helper you have there!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome pics of the ballon ride.

Carrie said...

Love the catch up photos! We are catching up after vacation and jet lag. It is good to go away, but good to be home too! Looks like everyone is happy and healthy now and having a great time.

Love the cleaning up photos. He looks great in orange with the balloons and is quite an acrobat with that toy!