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Monday, October 30, 2006

Alex and the Zoo

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Michelle called me and said she was getting ready to walk out the door to take her kids to the zoo for the Halloween Party. She wanted to know if we wanted to go. I debated for about 10 seconds and then thought - why not?

So, Jay and I had about 5 minutes to pack the diaper bag, grab the stroller, grab his Halloween outfit (which I hadn't even tried on him yet) and grab Alex and go.

I think everyone else in Louisville (and the surrounding 5 counties) had the same idea we did. It was PACKED!!! We also met up with our friends Cindy, Gary, their two kids and Cindy's parents. (Cindy and Gary recently moved away from our community, and we miss them!!)

Once we got through the crazy crowds, it really was a nice night. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. (we had an 8 year old boy, 7 year old girl (I hope that's right!), almost 6 year old girl, 15 month boy, almost 12 month boy and Alex) Alex actually had a pretty good time. He just hung out in the stroller in his outfit eating the zebra that's attached to his stroller. He was excellent and didn't make a peep the entire time. He just watched everyone and everything.

Afterwards we stopped by our friend's house which is right by the zoo. Riggs and Alicia also adopted a little boy from Guatemala about 3 years ago. Their kids were in bed by the time we stopped, but they have been a great support during this crazy journey.

Here are some pictures.

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