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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We're Here!!

We made it!! We didn't have any delays. It was a long day, though.

I also got my W2s. Thanks to my company, and my friend Melissa, I now have a faxed copy. You know that means that they won't ask for it tomorrow morning, but at least I now have it.

We are just waiting a few more minutes before we go down to get Alex.

We do have the computer working in our room, so I should be able to post more (and probably some pictures) than the last time.

I'll post more later!

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Stephanie said...

so exciting. i am glad to hear the trip was safe! i will need lots of details! ...and pics! tell me brought some osu stuff for pics! :)
fyi: we got out of PGN on Friday!!! we will be flying to GC fresh on your heels :)