I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Church Shower

The day before we left for Guatemala, the ladies at church had a shower for us. This was actually planned in advance, and we just got lucky that it wasn't for while we were gone.

My friend Michelle was one of the coordinators. We had wonderful food, great fellowship, and we did play one game. (I can't stand shower games, but this one wasn't bad. We had a list of famous men that we had to match up with what they did. Of course the history teacher got them all right!)

Michelle then got a group of candy bars out. I had seen this done at other showers. There is a little story you tell and names of candy bars are used and help up when you get to that part of the story. I thought, "Oh, isn't that nice - but how will she make this work with the adoption." Little did I know that she wrote the story herself. Needless to say, I was crying by the end of it. Here it is for your enjoyment. (the names of the candy bars are highlighted)

One fine day Kim and Jay came over with some M*AZING news. "WE are going to adopt a baby," said Kim. WE were all so excited, knowing that Kim and Jay would make great parents. The next thing we knew, Kim was off on a FAST BREAK filling out paperwork and cleaning closets. After the home study, which they didn't even inspect those spotless closets, the waiting began. Then one day, the agency called and said, "we have a boy." Although I wasn't there, I'm sure Kim let out an EXTRA loud yell. However, she played it cool and didn't accept the referral in the same phone call. They did accept and soon were sharing pictures of their little guy. Well of course the next question was WHATCHAMACALLIT? That's slang in Kentucky for "what will his name be?" Alex Diego H* was chosen and off shopping Kim went. More time then passed, during which a blog was created, a visit trip to Guatemala was taken and even more shopping was done. Then the call came - come get this kid. Ok - maybe not in that way, but close enough.

Now we gather here today to celebrate with Kim and shower her with gifts for little Alex. Thank you all for coming and being a LIFESAVER in helping to get everything ready.

So Kim, as you prepare to bring home this wonderful little boy, remember we are here for you and so excited for you. Although I have to say, Kelly sometimes still SNICKERS at the thought of Jay changing diapers and that you probably won't be getting those Saturday and Sunday naps anymore, but that's just because he's jealous. Just remember it is you who will get the last laugh with the PAYDAY of a tax deduction, priceless memories and being a part of a this special child's life. We wish you the best! Enjoy! Here's to the new THREE MUSKETEERS!

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MAMB said...

Cute idea for a shower game (the candy bars).