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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Embassy Day

Today was Embassy Day. We had our appointment at 7:45. We were to meet Ana Maria at 7:15 outside of the embassy. We arranged for a taxi to take us there from the Marriott. As usual, we were a little early. We had to wait outside of the Embassy for about 10 minutes waiting for Ana Maria. It wasn't too bad, and it was a beautiful day. We went through security, and then we had a seat in this little room. Ana Maria went up and presented our pink slip and got us in line.

Then, our name was called, and I had to go up and pay. The Embassy takes credit cards or cash. I had cash, as we were told that sometimes the credit card machine doesn't work. It was working today!

We then went back to wait to be called up for the first time. When we were called, Jay, Alex and I went into this little room with a guy on the other side of the glass that had all of our paperwork. He asked us when was the first time we both saw Alex. We told him August 26th. He looked at our passports (for our entry stamps) and looked at Alex's passport. He then said that he was approving our I600-A, stamped it and that was it for that meeting. It probably took 2 minutes.

We then went back to sit and wait again. When we were called, Jay, Alex and I went to another window. We were sworn in, we were asked again when the first time was that we saw Alex. She also checked our passports and Alex's passport. She then said that she was approving us for his Visa. I had to sign a couple of documents, and that was it. We were probably at that window for about 4 minutes.

Total time at the Embassy was about an hour and half. Much quicker - and much easier than I expected.

Oh - in case some of you were wondering - they never asked for our tax returns or W2s. :)

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