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Sunday, August 06, 2006

DNA Authorization

The US Government requires a DNA test done on all children and their first mom that are presented for adoption. The purpose of this test is to prove that the women presenting the child is really the birth mom. They want to make sure that no children are kidnapped and then presented for adoption.

The first step is for the attorney to get authorization from the US embassy to have the test done. I'm not exactly sure what the attorney needs to present to the embassy, but I'm sure it's some of the paperwork that we submitted. Some people wait forever for this authorization. The US embassy will only take the first 40 cases that are presented on any given day. (except for Thursdays....I think) Attorneys (or someone from their staff) has to get in line early (I've heard even as "early" as 2:00 in the morning) to try to get in as one of those 40 cases. If they don't get in that day - they have to come back.

As you can imagine - this is a huge burden on the attorneys and their staff. This is just one step in many steps that they have to manage. I was prepared to wait about 30 days for DNA Authorization. Amazingly enough - we got it very quickly. In fact, we got authorization on the same day that we sent our POA to Guatemala.

This gave me hope that we are using a good attorney.

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