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Saturday, August 19, 2006

DNA Testing and Results

I haven't posted an adoption timeline post for awhile. My last one talked about DNA Authorization. Once you have Authorization the testing can take place.

The attorney lets LabCorp know when authorization has been obtained (most agencies in the US use LabCorp for the DNA testing, but there are other labs that can do this work). Around this time, LabCorp charges the parents for the test to be done. This is always a good feeling (how having a charge show up on your credit card is a good thing you ask? become an adopting parent, and you will understand) LabCorp then lets the attorney know that the test has been paid for.

At this point, the attorney has to get in contact with the birth mom and have her come in for the test. Sometimes this is an easy step, and sometimes it can be very difficult. The birthmoms live all over Guatemala - not just in Guatemala City. Many of them have jobs. It can be difficult for them to get off of work and in for the test.

For the test, the birth mom and the baby have a swab taken of the inside of their mouth, paperwork is filled out, and a couple Polaroid pictures are taken of the birth mom holding the baby.

If a birthmom is going to change her mind during this process, this is usually the time that she does. It's got to be so hard for her to hold her baby again.

The test is then sent to LabCorp in the US where they process the results. This takes about 2 weeks. LabCorp then sends the results to the parents in the mail. This also includes (usually) one of the Polaroid pictures that were taken. Depending on how quickly the birthmom can come in for the test, this process usually takes about a month.

(We were VERY lucky! Our birthmom lives in Guatemala City and was able to come in right away for the test. Our entire DNA process went very quick and the results were a 99.98% match. The picture is very sweet - but made me cry for days)

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Chris said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Jamie and I are really excited for you. He is really cute. Love ya....chris