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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Getting to Guatemala

(Editor's note: This will be the first in a serious of posts about our trip)

Well - getting to and from Guatemala ended up not being very easy. We got to the Louisville airport at 5:15 am to get a 7:00 am flight to Houston. (I got up at 3:00 to finish getting ready) We immediately found out that our flight to Houston was going to be 2 hours delayed. The plane that came in the night before from Houston was big time delayed because of weather, and the flight crew needed to have their scheduled rest.

This wouldn't have been that big of a deal, except that our layover in Houston was only an hour. So, we would miss our flight to Guatemala. The next flight out of Houston to GC was not going to be until 7ish and would get us into GC at 10:00. At this point it has hit me that I may not get to see Alex that day. The lady started checking to see what she could do. The best she said she could do was to re-route us on American through Miami and get us into GC at around 8:00.

By this time, I'm a wreck. There was no way we were going to get Alex that day - and it was supposed to be my birthday present (Friday was my 34th birthday!) We had them reroute us, but now we were in the airport at 5:30 am and weren't going to leave Louisville until 12:30!!!!

I waited until I thought that Jeannie or Marie would be in the office so I could let them know that we wouldn't be there to meet the foster mom, and to see if they could get them to bring him to us on Saturday. Luckily everyone at Mary Kendall and A Helping Hand worked for us to get the arrangements changed. Phillip at AHH even called the hotel for us to let them know that we would be coming in late.

So, we finally get to Miami and have a 3 hour lay over - they switched our gate 3 times, and we left 2 hours late. We ended up not getting into GC until 10:30!!! It was a VERY long day. You thought I was stressed before - you should have seen me on Friday.

Skip to Tuesday. Continental has a office in the Marriott. Jay found out that our flight was on time and that if we took our passports in, they could issue us our boarding passes. So, we go in there, give our passports to the lady working the counter. Even in another country, I know that look. It's not good. Long story short, we're pretty sure that the lady in Louisville didn't mark something correctly in the computer, and the computer thought we never went to Guatemala, so it cancelled our return flight. AND - our flight home was completely full. Again - I was an emotional wreck because we had just given Alex back to the Foster Mom, and then this.

This lady was also wonderful. She found us two seats on Delta through Atlanta. That flight only left 1 hour later than our Continental flight, but got us into Louisville 2 hours later than we were supposed to. So, instead of getting home at 9:45, we got in at 11:45. Another long day.

The ironic thing is that we used Continental frequent flyer miles, but never actually flew Continental. As long as our pick up trip isn't at eventful, I'll be happy.

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