I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27

Sunday, August 27, 2006

One more day

We've made it through one more day. Jay, Alex and I are in the baby room trying to keep Alex up a little bit longer so that he goes to bed during his bedtime. He's laying on a mat right now, just staring at everyone.

He is definitely going to take after Jay more than me. He doesn't seem to like big crowds, and likes to just sit back and take everything in.

One more full day - I can't believe how quickly it has gone so far. I also feel like all I've been doing lately is make a bottle, clean a bottle, make a bottle, clean a bottle. I guess that's called being a mother.

I can't wait until you all get to meet him. He's pretty special. We've met lots of great people down here - some are visiting and some are picking up. It's nice to see that babies are going home. It makes me realize that Alex will come home someday also.

I was worried that he wouldn't fit in any of the 3-6 month clothes, so I brought a bunch of 6-9 also. Well - he may weigh enough for the far end of the 6 month clothes, but he's built differently. He seems to be carrying most of his weight in his chest. (can anyone say linebacker??) He has a little waist, and short legs. He is swimming in his 3-6 month clothes. I think I may bring the 6-9 month ones home with the hope that we will have him home in time for him to wear them.

I'll write more tomorrow if we get a chance.

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